Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's a Race Report?

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on? 

Well Internet, when we last chatted I was about 2 weeks out from running my first post-baby half marathon. Training was different, but I was running regularly enough and felt in decent (not good, but decent) shape. 

The race happened and I thought about writing a race report many a time, but never actually sat down to do it. But today is the finally day! So, here we go (kinda)... 

I'd say this is definitely the longest it has ever taken me to write a race report, that's for sure. So long in fact, I can't really remember the race, but I know I ran it... and I accomplished my goal. 

The details.... 
I ran the Victoria Half Marathon on thanksgiving weekend (way back in October) in under 2hrs. I can't remember exactly what my time was (1:57:something I think?), but I remember I was happy to be running (and surprisingly nervous).

I woke up a couple days before the race with a cold (kind of a bummer) and wasn't really sure what to expect from my body, but I felt grateful I was able to run, and grateful to be able to spend 2hrs doing something I love, for myself. 

I accomplished my goal pretty comfortably - and by that I mean I felt pretty comfortable running the whole time. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a walk in the park, but I ran at a sustainable and steady pace, and I knew pretty much the whole time I would be able to make my 2hr goal. My calf cramped toward the end, which was a bit weird and slowed me down a tad, but overall it was a great day full of positive self talk and smiles. Something I haven't always experienced during races. 

Oh, and I was much more sore after the race than I expected to be, but I recovered. 

Since then, we've moved to Nanaimo (actually, we moved about a week before the race), moved houses within Nanaimo, celebrated the little one's first birthday, celebrated Christmas and my birthday, and now we await the new year. 

As for exercise, since our move the amount of walking I do has significantly decreased compared to our life in Ukee, as has the amount of running I'm able to do (unfortunately), and so, I've let myself get a bit out of shape. This whole being a Mom things eats up just a wee bit of time. 

Life is good though, and I've got some goals and plans for the New Year, so hopefully I can get back into a bit of a better health and fitness routine. 

Also, Shane and I have signed up to run/hike the Kusam Klimb next June, so there is a goal on the horizon. Training will once again be different, but I'm looking forward to getting out and exploring our new area with the babe in the backpack. 

Let the hiking begin!

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