Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I'm heading back in time for this post today, and well, the title is courtesy of my friend Derry from when I posted this #tbt photo the other day. 

Derry: "You had the Napoleon Dynamite costume before the
movie was even invented. #DibbsIsATimeTraveller"
He was of course referencing my best Halloween costume ever... 

Not the greatest photo of it, but I really did make an awesome Napoleon Dynamite.
Anyway, I was looking back through old Facebook notes the other day and came across this gem from January 2009 (before this blog ever existed, before my PE, before Ironman, etc. etc.)… aaaand, since I've been very slack on writing anything for the ol’ blog since my triathlon season is essentially over for the year, I thought I'd have a look back and see what's the same and what has changed.

Current notes in Blue!

1. I'm having a really hard time thinking of 25 random things about myself which is making me feel self-conscious and boring. Thanks to this blog, I now know I can often (and usually fairly easily) come up with random things about myself to share with the internet.

2. Which brings me to number 2... I worry too much about fairly insignificant things. I think I've gotten better about this. I still worry occasionally, but not nearly as much as I used to. I think this is an age and confidence thing.  

3. I'm slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to wiping down my kitchen counter tops at home, but my bathroom is a complete dirty mess. Some things never change!

4. I would like to (and plan to) ride my bike across Canada in 2010, I just need to save some money. Hmmm, well, I guess this didn't happen. Best laid plans and all that shizz. I would still one day like to do the cross-country ride. Unfortunately it seems this big goal keeps losing out to Ironmans and treks across the Colorado Rockies. Maybe 2015 is the year for it?

5. My ideal dog family would consist of a Boston Terrier, Rusty and a Mastiff, so that they all kind of look the same but are of a small, medium and large variety. Yep, I still love me some flat faced snorty dogs. I’d probably add an English bulldog to the mix as well.

6. I've never seen or had a zit that I didn't want to pop. Still true. Still a problem.

7. I compulsively hit send/receive in my email and worry when I don't hear from Laura like every other hour (although I'm working on taming this worry now that she has a new job and can't be on the email every second of every day like me). Ahh, lovely Laura. We used to communicate all day every day when we had jobs/lives that were a little less busy and more carefree. Life has perhaps gotten more hectic over the years and our hourly check-ins have turned to weekly or bi-weekly checks. I still eagerly await every email or text from her though. Also, this made me feel really nostalgic.

8. I easily drink 2 to 3 litres of water every day and sometimes wonder if I'm over hydrating. I still drink this much. I don't worry about over hydrating anymore though. Water is the miracle cure for everything.

9. Some of the jobs/career paths I've thought would be fun (but am not sure why I've never just taken the leap and done it - aside from money of course) are: hair stylist, outdoor adventure tourism guide, bike or running store lackey, makeup artist or esthetician, massage therapist, barista... umm, and pretty much anything that doesn't consist of sitting behind a desk all day. Yep. Still holds true. Still sitting behind a desk.

10. I truly wish someone would nominate me for "What Not to Wear" already. Come on people, you know I need the help. It seems my dream of meeting Stacy and Clinton and getting restyled will never become a reality, as the show no longer exists. 

11. I would love just to be some weird hippy bum and live in a shack on the beach in Mexico or Belize or even Tofino. Hmmm… oddly enough, one of these things could potentially become a reality. I’m going to leave that vague for now.

12. I sweat a lot - like profusely no matter what I'm doing or what the temperature - I like to think its cause my body is efficient, but really it just ruins a lot of my shirts and make me worry about pit stains (which I have right now). I still sweat a lot, but I don't give two shits about it anymore. My body is just an efficient machine and I embrace that.

13. I sing pop songs in "opera" style to Rusty when no one else is around. I still serenade the beast occasionally, but perhaps not as much as I once did. I leave most of the Rusty singing to Shane these days.

14. I secretly love the show "Bromance". Gawd, what a masterpiece this was! I totally forgot this horrific train wreck of a show ever existed. What ever happened to Brody Jenner anyway?

15. I would like to complete an Ironman in my lifetime, but have no desire to do a marathon on its own. Check. Check. Check. IM x3. Standalone marathon also complete… although I don't really have a huge desire to do another standalone marathon anytime soon. Funny how that is.

16. Whenever I see someone I know but haven't seen in a long time, I am never sure if I should say hi or not because I'm not sure if he/she will remember me... which really means - I never think anyone remembers me. Admittedly, I still suffer from this.

17. I have never smoked in my life (cigarettes or pot). This continues to hold true.

18. I don't play the lottery, but am convinced that the one time I finally do decide to buy a ticket I will win.... it's my destiny :) I’ve bought a ticket. I did not win. However, someone in my area is $13 million richer. Why-oh-why didn't I buy that ticket?

19. I was pretty good at basketball once upon a time (if I do say so myself). I'm pretty sure I would suck now, but yeah, once upon a time I was pretty darn good.

20. This summer when I was listening to headphones at work and told everyone I was just listening to the radio and was only using headphones cause I didn't want to disturb them, I was really watching the live feeds of the Olympics. Haha, that was an awesome summer. I'm sure they were probably on to me, but whatevs… I don't work there anymore (for the record, I left on my own accord).

21. This February is Shane and my 3rd wedding anniversary, but in fact our 10th anniversary (since we started dating) and I love him more than words can express. I still love-love-love him, after 8 years of marriage and 15 years together.

22. I will kick ass at the Shawnigan Half Iron in May! F*ck. Crazy how things happen. One week before that race, I had my PE and ended up watching from the sidelines between hospital visits. The unused bib from that race still sits in my dresser drawer where I keep all my workout gear, reminding me how quickly things can change. In the end, it took me an extra year to make it to the start line of that race, and when I finally did, it was part of a bigger journey to my first IM. It was one of the most emotional starts/finishes to a race I've ever had.

23. I am incredibly superstitious - please don't ask me to walk under a ladder. Nope. Still won't do it. Why risk it, am I right?

24. Recently I've had to come to terms with the fact that Joaquin Phoenix is looking dirty and crazy and I should probably remove him from my Freebie Five List even though I will always love "Inventing the Abbotts Joaquin". Should he start to look like he doesn't stink like patchouli or even if he just tones down the crazy, he will be back on the list. Alternately, I think Zach Braff will now move into spot #2 behind Johnny Depp... I think this addition should be okay with Shane because I know he likes to stare at Elliott's boobs when we watch Scrubs. And in conclusion - I put WAY to much thought into this :) My Freebie Five list has changed a lot since 2009… although I still have a soft spot for good ol’ crazy Joaquin.

25. And finally, as cliched as it sounds, I really truly do believe that everything happens for a reason and that at the end of the day - everything, no matter what, has a way of working out. True dat.

Alright, back to the present. That was a fun walk down memory lane (for me at least). Regularly scheduled blog posts will resume once I decide what the next big goal is or I just feel like rambling again. 

The Victoria Half Marathon in October is on the agenda I think and Ironman Canada (Whistler) is seeping into my thoughts far more than it should be these days (Dad??? *wink wink*)… but apparently I've also got a cross-country cycling adventure that needs to get ticked off the bucket list too.

Decisions. Decisions.