Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We Have Arrived!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted on the blog. To say stuff has changed would be an understatement.

The last month has been a whirlwind of change!

I had my last day of work on April 24th. It was our AGM that day, which was kind of a good thing as it kept me busy and out of the office, as I had absolutely nothing left to do, and I was feeling rather emotional.

I had some tears on the drive into work, and then felt like I spent the whole day hard swallowing and trying to push the tears back into my eyes. In fact, there was one moment as I was sitting on the stage of the Mac, watching a (somewhat boring) AGM presentation, that I looked up into the balcony and a big flush of emotions hit. I've been at the theatres off and on since 1998. I've essentially grown up there. They've treated me incredibly well and the crew in the office have become great friends. Hell, I've made some of my best, lifelong friends, through the RMTS. So yeah, don't get me wrong, I'm excited for the all the new stuff on the horizon in mine and Shane's life, but it was hard to say goodbye.

The day ended with a nice dinner out at one of the local brew pubs with all my coworkers, where I managed to suppress my tears just long enough to get in my car.

The following week was spent packing up our house, painting it and just generally getting it ready for the new tenants. We were really lucky to find a great family to rent the entire property, which was a huge relief and definitely will take a little bit of pressure off as I look for work in Ukee.

Really though, life has been all about packing and moving and unpacking and cleaning and everything else that goes along with changing cities and almost everything in your life.

My parents were a huge help in all of this, as Shane was away at school and so everything fell to me. Without them, I'd probably be curled up in the fetal position on my floor covered in a pile of boxes. I'm not sure I can ever say thank you enough for everything they have done for me.

All of the commotion surrounding moving meant very little time for exercise or 'training' of any sort. I got out for a couple runs and rode my bike once or twice, but mostly, huffing boxes up and down the stairs of our house was my workout most days.

Now that we are getting settled in Ukee, and with Shane back at work, I've made getting out the door every morning for at least an hour of exercise my priority. On top of that, I haven't driven my car since we've arrived, as it is super easy to walk everywhere - even for groceries (although, I may need to take a better backpack for lugging them all home next time, as it was a bit heavy yesterday, haha). Hopefully I can get back into a good routine in the coming days and weeks.

Actually, I'd better, as Kirsten and I are signed up to run (notice I didn't say race) the Edge to Edge half marathon here in Ucluelet on June 15. Since I'm kind of out of racing shape, and Kirsten will still likely be recovering from her first 50k (Sun Mountain), it should be a rather slow outing, but I'm okay with that. This one is more about exploring my new town and spending a couple quality hours with my favourite sister.

Speaking of Kirsten's first 50k, it is this weekend in Washington State. I'll be heading down with her on Friday and acting as her crew/cheer squad. I really have no idea what to expect, but she is well trained and is going to rock it I'm sure. It should be a fun little getaway and hopefully a nice chance to relax (for me at least).

Some other notables...

We don't currently have Internet (as Ukee is out of bandwidth until 2016 and the options for satellite internet are kind of crappy, so we're still deciding what we want to do) so I'm currently sitting in the local coffee shop plugging away on their free wifi. It's super slow and well, I really hope this actually posts, haha. So, that said, posting may be slightly more sporadic (and I have no idea how my formatting is going to turn out) the next little while because of this fact (not that I've been really on the ball lately regardless).

Also, photos. The last of my 100 happy days are currently on a memory stick somewhere is a box, and our computer is not yet plugged in. So, you know, they probably aren't going to make their way to the blog anytime soon. But let me assure you, I did take the photos, and they were fabulous, haha. 

And I think that is all that I can manage for today, as Blogger doesn't seem to want to cooperate with my iPad and the free wifi. Until next time.