Friday, November 14, 2014

Tee Gee Eye Eff

Since I haven't been doing much blogging lately, I thought a fun little meme was a good way to get back into things on this chilly Friday, and so, I borrowed the idea for this post from Amber over at Girl with the Red Hair.

So, without further ado here is just a little glimpse of the week that was…

The high of my week was spending a beautiful few days with Shane – exploring Ucluelet and Tofino, hiking to the crashed Canso bomber, eating delicious food and well, just being together. Also, a 2 day work week was a pretty sweet deal as well.

The low of my week was saying goodbye to Ukee and all that remains there. Not to mention, the incredibly long Tofino Bus journey home on Wednesday. I'm not really sure there is anything “express” about the Island Express.

A blog post I loved was... Hmmmm, I'm sure there were a few, but can't think of any specific posts off the top of my head. The Bloggess never fails to make me laugh - any and all of her posts. Oh, and I've recently discovered Shut Up + Run and definitely enjoy her take on things (and her potty humor as well). Also, I always enjoy Susan Lacke's “Out There and “Triathlete Love” columns.

That said, let's talk books instead. I'm currently reading The Glass Castle and am definitely enjoying it. Also, while not this week, I recently finished The Art of Racing in the Rain and absolutely loved it.

For my workouts, I completed a 1:40ish (15k+) run on the road and trails (aka HILLS!) of Ukee, followed by a couple hours of leisurely walking around town and an hour long yoga class at the community centre on Monday.
Tuesday was the hike to the bomber (which took about 2hrs round trip) plus a long walk on the beach (haha, sounds so cheesy, but it happened).
Wednesday was a pretty easy 45-50' run before boarding the slow bus home.
Thursday was LAZY. I ate chips and watched TV. Speaking of, I'm totally digging Gracepoint right now. It's super cool to see Victoria & Oak Bay in all the scenes, but it's a great story too. It's definitely got my attention in a big way. 
Friday (aka. today) I dragged my lazy butt out of bed for a 35' bike on the rollers + 35-40' strength session immediately following.
This weekend I plan to do a little biking, a group run session, a long trail run and perhaps a CX clinic. (Trying to make up for my relatively lazy week I suppose).

With views like these, it's easy for an intended 10k to turn into 15k(+). 

Trail porn.
The best money I spent was on a super yummy dinner out with Shane at the Wolf in the Fog. The Butterscotch Brulee was all sorts of delish.

My plans this weekend include (see above) biking, a group run session, a long trail run and perhaps a CX clinic. Also, lunch for Grandma D's birthday and lots of hanging out with the Rustbeast. Oh, and getting the wheel stud on my car fixed. Fun times!

Happy Friday y'all!