Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I've been a pretty lackluster blogger lately.

I realize over the last while I haven't had much to say – partially because I haven't been training for anything specific, and partially because there has been a lot of change and uncertainty swirling around in mine and Shane's life. I know at times I've made some vague references to these changes, but I suppose I just hadn't been in the headspace to share all the nitty-gritty details on this little slice of the internet.

So here it is... a long story made very short (in bullet points no less!)
  • About 6 months ago Shane got a new job – nay, a new career! (and a dream he's been chasing for the past couple years)
  • This new job was not in Victoria.
  • He moved up to Ucluelet and I stayed in Victoria.
  • We've been living separately since October/November, only seeing each other on weekends.
  • This has been hard. I miss him like crazy when we aren't together and found myself regularly dreading Sunday nights.
  • Why didn't I go with him right from the start you ask? Well, there was a small chance he might get relocated back down to Vic and it seemed foolish to leave my job if I didn't have to.
  • He didn't get relocated, and so Ukee will be home for at least the next year.
  • But… His job is going great and he loves [almost] every minute of it.
  • So, in May I'm moving up to the wild west coast – where we can start our new adventure together!
  • It's a bit scary.
  • But it's also really exciting.
  • I have no idea what I'm going to do for work, and in just over two weeks I will be unemployed for the first time in my adult life.
  • There is no pool in town, so triathlon training is out for the next little while.
  • Trail running, cycling and kayaking are probably going to be my go-to sources of motion.
  • Really, there is so much wonderful outdoor stuff to do in the area and I can't wait to explore it.
  • Again, it's all a bit scary… but I figure that's okay, because life would be pretty boring if you never did anything new or out of your comfort zone.

Otherwise, over the last few weeks, life has been rolling along. We've been working hard to get our property and house cleaned up and ready to rent (it's a big job!).

[Side note: If you know anyone interested in renting a beauty cedar home and/or carriage house on 4.5 acres, lemme know!]

I've been exercising regularly, but probably can't call it training at this point. I make sure I move every day, not because there is a goal on the horizon, but because I enjoy it and want to stay healthy. I'm obviously nowhere near Ironman shape, but I think I could probably hop into a sprint or Olympic triathlon and still turn out a respectable performance.

Some other random tidbits…

I taught a couple yoga classes in March at the gym I used to regularly teach at. It has been almost a year (or maybe even slightly longer) since I last taught a class, and to be honest, my own yoga practice has not been very consistent. That said, it was great to be back, and I really enjoyed myself.

Each week after class I got some nice compliments and even had a few people ask if I taught anywhere else because they wanted to come to my classes! Needless to say, that was a definite confidence boost and made me feel really warm and fuzzy inside.

I volunteered at the Westshore Triathlon and Duathlon on Sunday morning. I was stationed at the run turn around, so didn't get to see a whole lot of the action, but it was still a lot of fun to get to cheer people on as they were nearing the end of their race. Some looked great, and some looked like they needed a few extra words of encouragement.

The crew at Westshore Triathlon do a great job of organizing and running this race. It's got a wonderful sense of community and the atmosphere is low-key and welcoming. I think it would definitely be worth checking out their inaugural Langford Triathlon in July if you're looking for a race to put on the calendar.

And I think that's all that's fit to print. Now, photos…

Day 64
An empty space post-yoga.
Day 65
This delicious find. Took me back to NZ.
Day 66
This brought me so many giggles.
Day 67
Post-work visits with the Magpie.
Day 68
It was a good week for dog visits.
Day 69
Flowers from the property.
Day 70
The stuff I see on my lunch time walks.
Day 71
Early morning run inspiration.
Day 72
Just another day at school/work for Shane.
Day 73
This amazing burrito was so good at the time.
I felt so bad after. Probably shouldn't have eaten the whole thing.
Day 74
Easter treats from the parental units. They are the best!
Day 75
Just a snippet of a good looking garden.
Day 76
The view to the finish at Sunday's Westshore Tri.
Day 77
A tunnel of trees on the run.
Day 78
Post workout icy-cold Rumble = the best!