Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Less than 2 weeks to go until the Victoria Half Marathon, and guess what? I'm actually pretty ready to run it. 

Race it, you say. 
Umm, no. But I'm confident I can get to the end and be quite alright, haha. 

Since my last update, training has continued to be a bit sporadic. Really, I've probably done absolutely everything 'wrong' in terms of training, but I have managed to get in almost all of my long runs (win!) and usually another 2 shorter runs during the week. Obviously, running only 3x per week is not ideal training, but I also walk A LOT with the babe, and my body has been recovering well from the long efforts, so I think I'll be okay. I suppose after all the years of heavier training that my body just kinda knows what to do. 

Don't get me wrong, physically, I'm nowhere near capable of running a PB and I don't expect to be even close. That said, when I decided to sign up for the half, my very modest goal was to break 2hrs. At the time, I thought that would be a pretty easy goal if I trained well. Now, I don't necessarily think it will be an easy goal. Hell, it will probably take a bit more effort than I would like to put out, but it's not out of the question, and I do still think it's attainable. 

And you know, even though training has barely been what I would consider consistent, it has been nice to get out and run. 

When I registered, in the spot for the race announcer to say something about you at the finish line, I put "celebrating a return to running post-pregnancy" and I just want it to be that. 

A celebration. A couple hours of sweat and good times. 

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