Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tick Tock

It's 5am and I'm wide awake. 

A year ago, this would have been normal. Hell, 8 months ago it was still normal. It was around this time of morning that I'd be peeling myself out of bed to go for a swim, a run along the waterfront, or perhaps a trainer ride or spin class. Nowadays, I tend to sleep a little later. 

That said, lots of things are different. I'm also up a lot more during the night. I used to hit the pillow and be out like a light. I'd barely move during my 7-8hours of nightly sleep. Now I'm up to pee at least once... ah, who am I kidding, it's usually at least twice. 

The last few days, at 4am my eyes pop open. My tummy growling, I shuffle to the kitchen for a drink of chocolate milk or a small snack. Once back in bed, I find myself talking to my belly, enjoying feeling the flips and turns of our little girl, soothed by her movements, and within 15-20mins, I'm back to sleep for another couple hours before my eventual wake up for the day. 

Not sure why today is different. I've sung her my version of 'Baby JB' (set to the tune of Baby Beluga... don't bother asking me to sing it to you. It's just for me and the little squirt). She seems to respond to my voice/singing now, which is really cool. I find myself wondering if this song will soothe her once she's actually here in the world, outside of my belly. 

6 weeks to go (although, I have a feeling it will be less) and I guess we'll find out. 


I actually wrote the above a couple weeks ago, while Shane was away for work and I was spending some time on my own in Ukee. Then, I promptly forgot I wrote it. (The whole 'pregnancy brain' thing you hear so much about is real, yo). 

So, as of yesterday, I'm now 36 weeks pregnant. This will be my last week in Ukee before having to make the move out of town to prepare for delivery. It seems crazy that, after Saturday, the next time I'm at home, Shane and I will be parents! Yikes. 

[For those who don't know, you cannot deliver a baby in Tofino/Ukee and have to relocate to a bigger city 3-4 weeks before your due date. It's obviously not the ideal situation, having to be away from your home in these final weeks, but thankfully I have a place to stay and great support in Victoria, and Shane has some flexibility with work to be able to travel back and forth. Not everyone who lives up here is that lucky, and often have to rent a place or live out of a hotel. I really can't imagine having to wait out the last few weeks in a hotel in a strange city!]

Anyway, I digress... 
The summer was beautiful. I spent a lot of time walking, beaching, relaxing, and just enjoying this time of relative quiet and freedom. I ran a bit, but it got harder and harder as I got bigger and bigger, and I found I preferred to spend an hour or so walking/hiking the trails, as opposed to running uncomfortably for 20-30mins. My last run happened at just after 31 weeks, when I decided it wasn't worth it anymore, as I really wasn't enjoying it, and so I decided to call it quits on the running until after JB is here. 

We did get a wicked running stroller though, that I'm excited to be able to use once she is big enough.

Anyway, time is ticking along. Life has been good, but very different. The last couple months especially have been a bit of a whirlwind.

Mid-September, Shane got posted to a job in Merritt for 6 weeks, so I split my time between Merritt, Victoria and home in Ucluelet. 

I've had many ultrasounds and doctors appointments (one of the perks(?) of being considered a high risk pregnancy) and everything seems to be going well with the baby. My blood pressure has been a bit high at the last couple appointments, so I've been told to rest as much as possible, and put my feet up. I definitely feel like a bit of a slug, and some days are harder than others to sit around and do nothing, when you are used to being so active, but it's a small sacrifice to make in order to make sure both myself and JB get through these last couple weeks in the best possible shape. 

Otherwise, the nursery is finished. The newborn sleepers are purchased, and well, now we wait. 

Much like when I found out I was pregnant, I'm both excited and terrified, but mostly, I just can't wait to meet our baby girl. 

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  1. You're so close! Hope the last few weeks go well (so crazy you have to move to larger city)! Thinking of you!